• Password for unattended access?
    I think you must have always a password of the user of windows that is connected or change to another user. For this it click the arrow down and choose <other user>
  • Password for unattended access?
    It's not a password,is a "public key" that you export from the remote computer to your computer.

    Go to on the up topo left coner (scratchs) then "options" and check "encription required" and "allow unattended access". Copy that key.

    In "incoming connection", choose de level for the incoming connection.
  • + unattendet Access =/= working
    I make the test with "encription" and works fine.
  • New version
    New test.
    I unmarked the options of "lan" on both sides and works fine.
    With these options "on" is very slow the refresh on my side.
    Remote Desktop Connection (32K)

Rui Castro

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