• New Version - Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows
    The dreaded "two weeks" software eta.

    Thanks for the update.
  • New Version - Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows
    Did console release get pushed back? Cannot edit new format backup plans today and your post indicated Oct 5 should have been a new web console release.
  • Changelog for
    Did the email notifications get removed out of the client side?

    I pushed the update and the email notification options in the backup job is no longer there. I do not see any mention of this being removed.
  • Unable to Open Cloudberry on new external harddrive
    Just a user here. I have no intimate knowledge of the MacOS cloudberry software beyond what most users know.

    But guessing you need to move preferences files from the old drive.

    Looks like a good candidate. The machine I am currently using isn't up to date so I'm not sure if that's changed recently. But the concept should be similar.

    Look for files in /Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Preferences/
    (The System level and user level preferences folders)
    Things with filename containing the word cloudberry in them.
    Many programs use the convention: com.companyname.productname.plist So check for that format too.

    In finder choose the Go To menu to type in the path name. These are usually hidden.
    On the second drive it's likely going to be something like
    /Volumes/Old HDD/Users/MyName/Library/Preferences
    /Volumes/Old HDD/Library/Preferences

    The main boot volume (new hard drive) is going to be the /Library/ and ~/Library/ folders. The tilde character is a unix trick to say "current user home folder" So ~/Library/ is the library folder inside your currently logged in user. It would expand out to /Users/Username/ if you wanted to be explicit about it.

    That is basically where all MacOS programs generally store their user preference info so it would be the first place to look for files you forgot to copy over. Because they are hidden folders most do not even know they are there.