• Cloudberry Backup size limit
    Actually not that rare.

    I'm in the same boat. I want to backup my home file & media server. It's about 3TB. I have some cloud storage (5TB) set up with iDrive. I want to use the Cloudberry Desktop client but am not able to because of this odd limit.

    Currently using Crashplan but want to move away from it.
  • Need Clarification About 1 TB Storage Limit
    Why is there a 5TB limit on the Desktop Edition?

    I have a file/Plex/torrent server @ home that I want to regularly backup (currently use CrashPlan but too expensive and too slow). There's about a total of 10TB of data. Why should I have to purchase the $300 Ultimate Edition when all I want to do is ensure I have my files backed up? I'm not interested in Restore to Cloud VM, Exchange or SQL Server backup.

    I don't understand why an arbitrary limit has been set? It's not using MSP360 storage. The app is a backup client. :-(

John Threadgill

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