• New Version - Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows
    Just wanted to confirm that the banner about unsupported clients is gone. Thanks again!
  • Suggestion - Better 2FA?
    I was asking about the latter, master account enforcing 2FA on sub-admin accounts (or a role for some sub-admin accounts to do so for others)--sorry about the vague phrasing.

    I can definitely understand the rationale, since we see extra volume of support requests any time 2FA is enabled without an experienced tech closely coordinating with the account holder. But in our situation, where everyone who would be accessing our portal as a sub-admin should be at minimum tier 1 service desk staff, and all of those accounts have administrative access on multiple levels for multiple tenants, and the time gap between account creation and introductory training dates for each system can vary depending on overall team capacity--it would bring significant peace of mind to be able to enforce 2FA.
  • Suggestion - Better 2FA?
    Hi, just wanted to check if enforcing 2FA for sub-admins is on the roadmap for implementation any time soon, or at least still on the team's radar?

    I create accounts for the Managed Backup Portal at our org, but I'm only a sub-admin myself--so might not have noticed if this was added for super admin.

    Thank you!
  • New Version - Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows
    Much appreciated, thanks for looking into it. I was thinking the banner could still be correct because 6.3.6, 6.3.7, and 6.3.9 were also released since our last update, but that wouldn't explain why our agents on would only have become "unsupported" as of 7.2.
  • New Version - Backup Agent 7.2 for Windows
    Just to corroborate, we're also seeing in the warning banner in our MSPBackups portal that all 75 of our clients are out of date as of today--as opposed to 3 or 4 clients last week.

    I assumed it was accurate in our case, since we're still mostly on, but did think it was kind of strange since apparently 6.4 has been out since August 18. Maybe it only counts agents that are out of date by at least a major version?

    Edit - @Steve Putnam - Just noticed that if you hover over the little "information" icon in the middle of the warning banner, it says "Only 3 latest versions are supported."


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