• "File size too big" error with B2
    One quick question while we're waiting - I went ahead and bought the Explorer Pro product. Is there a way to move files between folders in the same B2 bucket without reuploading? I want to archive some old files to a different subfolder of the bucket I'm using.
  • "File size too big" error with B2
    David, like I said, I've been happily uploading and downloading very large files every couple of days for 2 years, all the way up to the time I installed on 9/2/2021. I think the trial converted to free but simply failed to enforce the 5GB limit. It's odd, but it's the only explanation I can come up with.
  • "File size too big" error with B2
    I appreciate it David. If there's a way to move to the functionality of the paid product, I would certainly prefer it to FileZilla Pro, which doesn't seem to implement large file transfers the same way. Is it possible that when the trial of converted from Pro to Free, the ability to do large file transfers was somehow not disabled? Because what I'm finding with FZP is that it's failing on the big ones, and that is different from what I experienced with CloudBerry - that was quite reliable. Honestly, I'll happily pay the $60 if I was wrong about the limits and I was somehow able to use the large file upload process without paying for it all this time. Like I said, you have the very reasonable expectation to paid for your work - if I got something for nothing here, I'll pay for it now.
  • "File size too big" error with B2
    I've been uploading and downloading files with it for 2 years, David. The files are in the bucket - I can see them from B2's web interface, and I can download and have downloaded them to other machines. Almost all of them were between 10 and 30 GB, with a few around 400-500GB. Here's what I think happened: v6 implemented a new limit of 5GB for the free version. There's no other explanation. I looked at the site in, and on Feb 26 of this year the site changed to what I assume is the V6 version, and this is the first time I see the chart with the limits as I posted above. It's got to be to push people to the paid version (which by the way, at I saw the price bump from $40 to $60 in 2020, too).

    I have to say it's left a bad taste in my mouth, and it's not the first time that that's happened dealing with your company. You have every right to expect people to pay for your software and I understand that, but when you give the software away for free for many years and it works a certain way, then you let me update it to the latest version and it actually kills the very functionality I use it for without letting me know, it feels very bait-and-switchy.

    In any case the problem is now moot. I paid 20 bucks for FileZilla Pro, and I'm back in business. But probably not with MSP360 going forward.

    Thanks for your help.
  • "File size too big" error with B2
    I restored the previous executable from a backup and it reports version in file details.
  • "File size too big" error with B2
    this is the error in the log:

    2021-09-07 00:08:54,730 [UI] [1] NOTICE - Explorer started. Version:
    2021-09-07 00:39:11,567 [CL] [32] WARN - New upload URL has been requested:
    2021-09-07 00:45:40,223 [CL] [6] WARN - New upload URL has been requested:
    2021-09-07 00:45:52,614 [Base] [6] ERROR - {
    "code": "bad_request",
    "message": "File size too big: 11593412608",
    "status": 400
    File size too big: 11593412608

    The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
    at Hl.a(HH )

    2021-09-07 00:45:52,676 [Base] [6] ERROR - Header Connection: close
    2021-09-07 00:45:52,692 [Base] [6] ERROR - Header Content-Length: 91
    2021-09-07 00:45:52,708 [Base] [6] ERROR - Header Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache, no-store
    2021-09-07 00:45:52,708 [Base] [6] ERROR - Header Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8
    2021-09-07 00:45:52,708 [Base] [6] ERROR - Header Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2021 07:46:02 GMT
    2021-09-07 00:45:52,739 [CL] [6] ERROR - Command::Run failed:
    CloudBerryLab.Base.Exceptions.BadRequestException: File size too big: 11593412608 ---> CloudBerryLab.Client.Backblaze.B2WebException: File size too big: 11593412608 ---> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
    at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
    at Hl.a(HH )
    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
    at Hl.b(HH )
    at Hl.C(HH )
    at Hl.c(HH )
    at Hm.eJ(HH )
    at Hm.A(HH )
    at OI.A(HH , Boolean )
    at OI.A(String , String , Stream , jj )
    at Ow.A(Stream , DateTime , jj )
    at Om.A(Oh , Stream , Int64 , jS , EncryptionSettings , Boolean , DateTime , Fn`4 , Boolean )
    at Ow.Ca(Stream , DateTime , lT )
    at Om.HD(Stream , DateTime , lT , Func`1 )
    at Om.Bw(OD , String , lT )
    at nX.RunInternal()
    at lU.fu()
    2021-09-07 00:59:12,670 [UI] [1] INFO - CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 - Freeware exited.
    2021-09-07 09:44:22,273 [UI] [1] NOTICE -
  • "File size too big" error with B2
    This is the latest version of CloudBerry Explorer I'm finding available via in-app update or by downloading from - . If this is out of date, perhaps it needs to be updated. Also, there is no setting tab called "Advanced" in Options. I'm more concerned about this: 7OgMn4p.png - this appears to say the maximum upload for the free version is 5GB - am I wrong? And if I'm right, this has changed, and recently?

Andrew Solmssen

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