• cannot access files to restore
    Could there be more than one backup prefix in that B2 directory tree? Is there any way to query possible backup prefix values?

    So, Cloudberry has been working for hours now building the directory tree from Backblaze, and the spinning icon has stopped. I still have only roughly half of my files in the list I can select for restoring, and that half does not include the ones I urgently need. I know the whole tree is on see B2 because I can see everything through the B2 web interface. If I download directly from there my files are not usable -- understandable, because cloudberry stores them in a different format than when they're on my disk. That said, this is getting beyond frustrating. I have a failed SSD and after working on it all day cloudberry cannot or will not read my backup and restore it.
  • cannot access files to restore
    OK, thanks. It seems to be (very slowly) populating the B2 backup.

    The hard disk backup tells me "cannot create a directory in the specified path!" when I try to select the directory on the hard disk. The ubuntu machine I'm on sees the external HD as read-only because it was formatted and written on the Mac. Does Cloudberry need write access to do a restore?
  • cannot access files to restore
    Not sure. Is there any way to determine the backup prefix without the original computer? That computer is sitting right next to me but its SSD has failed.

    The B2 restore setting populated the backup prefix with "Tim-MacBook-Air" in addition to the machine I'm using now; maybe that's it. Selecting that one begins to populate the available files but stops after my dotfiles.

    Will the backup prefix accept a wildcard? I have a external HD CBB backup I'd prefer to use. It shows nothing for files to restore either. Changing the prefix to "Tim-MacBook-Air" did not help.