• Job still running but Success in the result
    As far as I'm aware this issue only affects the status of backup jobs on the portal and email notifications. The backup plans themselves are not affected and should run with no issues.
  • Job still running but Success in the result
    Hi have open a support ticket here the answer:

    Thank you for contacting the MSP360 Support Team.

    It appears that issues with backup statuses on the web portal are caused by a degraded performance of one of the MBS web platform-related services.
    The issue is now should be mitigated and no data is lost, however, in order for all the statuses to update and all new emails to be prepared several hours of propagation are necessary.

    We have escalated your ticket to our Level 2 Support Team.
    We'll get back to you as soon as we have any updates on this issue.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding!