• Reporting to provide customer
    I dont have an example but was thinking of something that looks better than an excel sheet to send the customer, something possibly with graphics to show that the systems have been backing up and then I could attach this to my bill so the customer can see that each system has been backing up
  • Reporting to provide customer
    thanks, everyone, but I am looking for a report to provide my customer with my billing, the report I am generating under-reporting is a csv. I was hoping it would provide a report like the marketing materials
  • Trying to restore a outlook pst file
    Yes, I am sure that I do have a checkmark on the folder and a checkmark beside the .ost file and I verified this by editing the backup plan. Now I create a restore plan and under restore source, I drill down to the user folder, and inside I do not see the app data folder I do see desktop, documents, download, and other folders.
    I am on my workstation trying to restore it to the staff member's computer. bare with me I am fairly new with this but I don't see or know where the storage tab is, I am doing all of this from the remote management area and then clicking on the desktop and creating a plan to restore