• Immutability in Wasabi does not work

    I can see in other post that this feature still isn't enabled for managed backup

  • Immutability in Wasabi does not work

    Hi David.

    We know this. We created account and enabled inmutability at creation time.

    If you see our screenshots, all parameters are well configured both in wasabi and msp360.

    But in msp360 agent, option for inmutability is greyed, and we don't know why. Inmutability is not working because we created a test backup with GFS enabled and we have deleted this backup.

    I think inmutability in msp360 + wasabi storage still does not work.

    Someone can confirm this please?

    Thanks, regards.
  • Immutability in Wasabi does not work
    Hi David

    Thanks for your response.

    But our problem is the option to enable inmutability is greyed, i uploaded some screenshots

    INMU02 is our wasabi storage account enabled for inmutability, but in msp360 agent is greyed

    Captura (61K)
    Captura2 (103K)