• IAM support for wasabi
  • IAM support for wasabi

    yes, we agree, that wasabi supports IAM.
    but CBE IAM access manager does NOT work with wasabi.
    the CBE IAM New Policy Wizard does NOT work with wasabi

    i need the IAM manager to work with wasabi, same as with AWS S3

    what do i need to do to enable IAM manager to work with wasabi?
  • question about aws s3 restore from glacier

    based on help/check for updates, i am using the latest version,

    monitor progress in the Queue in the UIDavid Gugick
    not for me, after initiating a restore from glacier, there is no item in the queue.
    repeat, there is nothing in the queue.
    must be a bug. as i see nothing from cloudberry.

    Retrieval options (Expedited/Standard/Bulk) can't be set up granularlyDavid Gugick
    very disappointed, in this, the lack of granularity. very frustrating.

    i also use s3 browser and to be honest, your implementation is far inferior to their software.

    please see that attachment.
    glacier (131K)
  • question about aws s3 restore from glacier
    "cloudberry explorer for amazon s3 pro"
  • question about aws s3 restore from glacier
    i tried to edit the previous post, but was not able to do.
    please, ignore that post and please respond to this post instead.

    1. how do i cancel a in-progress restore?
    4. "Glacier Smart Restore" seems to be a global setting, applies to all, no way to on-the-fly, to select a folder or set of files to restore and set to expedited/standard/bulk

  • how to move backup files from one storage account to another.
    once new destination is addedDavid Gugick

    not sure what a repository is, is that the same thing as storage account?
    if true,
    after i manually move the files to the usb drive; can i just change the path for the local storage account to point to the correct folder on the usb drive?
  • how to move backup files from one storage account to another.
    thanks for the quick and clear reply.

    i should have mentioned that i use a hybrid backup, to local and to cloud.
    would your instructions still apply?
  • no option to verify backups
    hi matt, wanted to point out that i am the systems administrator for
    . we have over 50 locations and 2,000+ empoloyees.

    i purchased CBDE on my own to do some testing.
    I use veeam to backup our servers and I noticed this

    I would like to discuss this in more detail, perhaps you could email me.
    i would prefer not to have my business email address visible to others in the forum,
  • no option to verify backups
    hi matt,
    thanks for the reply.
    I am liking CBDE so far and good to know about the MD5 checks.
    perhaps a little help text would be helpful, there is plenty of free space on that tab.

    also, I would suggest an option to make the consistency check, per backup, not per bucket.

    perhaps I could ask another question.

    I noticed that there is an option for the scheduler for real-time backup and that it will monitor selected folders for changes.
    let's say that the folder being monitored, I start to copy a 10GB file to that folder, which will take 20 minutes to copy to that folder.
    at what point does CB start to upload the file to the cloud? how does CB know that the copy has finished and can start the upload?



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