• What's new - Backup for Linux v
    :) my bad, I was so excited to have another update that I didn't see that you had specified that it wasn't for standalone versions.
  • What's new - Backup for Linux v
    Thank you for constantly improving on this.
    This version doesn't seem available yet for download yet though (see screenshot).
  • Send notifications / reports to multiple email recipients
    Thanks, I will try this. For some reason I couldn't find the info and thought that it was on the roadmap but not implemented yet.

  • How to upgrade using the CLI?

    It works just fine with "-detailedReport" now.
    Thank you.
  • How to upgrade using the CLI?

    Hi Gleb,

    I did exactly that but it still throws the same unexpected node error at me, as if "-dr" wasn't recognized in the second step:
    # ./cbb editBackupPlan -n myBackupPlan -notification on -dr yes
    CloudBerry Backup Command Line Interface started
    Unexpected node : -dr

    The first step ""./cbb option -set n -e "email" -u "user name" " is working just fine, I already had notifications, but I do it again just to follow instructions exactly.

    The error occurred exactly the same way on Ubuntu 14, 16 and 18 - three different servers running the latest version of CBB.

    Please advise.

  • How to upgrade using the CLI?

    1. "dpkg -r", correct it's for uninstalling which is why I was confused with the doc at which says:
    To update CloudBerry Backup to a newer version, execute the following command:
    sudo dpkg -r "installationPackageDirectory"

    2. I can't seem to get the -dr option to work, please see my commands:
    a. I set notifications on with "./cbb editBackupPlan -n myBackupPlan -notification on" even though it was already on.
    b. Then I set the notifications options "./cbb option -set -notification -e -u myChosenUserName -dr yes" which throws the error "Unexpected node : -dr"

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here, can you please advise / show an entire example?

  • How to upgrade using the CLI?

    Thanks you, that worked perfectly.
    3. How do I enable detailed reports via CLI?

    Also, just a quick note to say that the online doc was suggesting to use "dpkg -r" instead of "dpkg -i". Not sure is "-r" is working or safer?

  • s3:ListAllMyBuckets required?
    Totally missed your response, sorry about that.
    It seems that there is no way around s3:ListAllMyBuckets according to support.
  • s3:ListAllMyBuckets required?
    Hi David,

    The policy on this blog post doesn't work. CBB is still asking for full ListAllMyBuckets read access and returns this error:
    "[USER] is not authorized to perform: s3:ListAllMyBuckets on resource: arn:aws:s3:::"
  • Linux server backup skips some files
    Thanks. I wasn't sure that there was a webui for Unix based servers.
    So, once enabled and set to a specific port, I simply go to https://myip/opt/local/cloudberry backup/ ? Or do I have to navigate somewhere else?

  • Linux server backup skips some files
    Hi Glab,

    Thanks, I edited the plan as you suggested and now .htaccess files are included (may be add this to the server backup docs? :)).
    I also received this warning "your backup plan XXXXX COMPLETED WITH WARNINGS, please see below for more details.
    ERROR: File is not intended for backup because it's a socket."

    I am guessing that it's because I have a few directories that aren't needed and I should exclude now - but is the somewhere I can see which files triggered the error exactly?



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