• Accessing A Hidden Taskbar
    Tried both maximized and resized.... there was discussion here that indicated resized may help if I remember correctly... didn't help.. As for resolution on the screens (dual screen setup). it's 1920x1080 on both. As I'm now at what was the remote I'm just guessing a slightly lesser resolution there.... laptop attached to a 19" flat panel. Sorry. Please note... the laptop has no problem when using Log-me-In to a different XP machine nor when using Chrome Remote Desktop to yet a different Win 7 Pro machine.

    Note... both Win 7 Pro & I get to the laptop about once a week.

    Again, thanks for your time & effort.
  • Accessing A Hidden Taskbar
    Win 7 Pro... fully updated until I couldn't.
  • Accessing A Hidden Taskbar

    Thanks for your reply. Somehow over the many years I've been associated with Windows, I've missed the CTRL+ESC key combination for accessing the Start menu. Apparently it does act exactly the same as the Windows key alone.

    Now, what I meant was when the Windows taskbar has the "Auto-hide the taskbar" property ticked.... thus, when the cursor is not on the taskbar... it hides... and no matter how long I place the cursor in the vicinity of the hidden taskbar... it does not reappear. Now not a problem if the CTRL+ESC when sent, responds correctly. at the distant end.