• How to deselect mutliple files?
    Sure. Thanks for your responsiveness. In spite of the issues, Cloudberry Backup is working well for me.

    Being able to easily highlight and select/deselect multiple items would be super cool! :-) Cheers! :smile:
  • How to deselect mutliple files?
    Thanks for the reply. See my response in the image. Can these issues be fixed? Thx.
  • How to deselect mutliple files?
    I saw that trick but assumed that if the parent was unchecked, none of the subs will get backed up even if they're checked. But it looks like they do get backed up. This is weird, non-standard behavior. Unchecked directories clearly should mean that no children are selected (please correct this). And, anyway I still have to select or deselect everything one by one (tedious!).

    I request standard behavior where any number of directories or files can be highlighted (made blue) using standard shift and ctrl key selection actions and then be checked or unchecked en mass. Could that improvement be made? Thx.

    I'd also like to see the "Edit Backup Plan" wizard compressed into fewer screens.

    In spite of its weirdness and flaws, I'm happy to be using CloudBerry Backup. Much. much easier to use than the CLI tools.