• Can not use my Synology NAS as source (error code 2003)
    No, I don't use VSS and if I see in the History,after each file I read in the "Message column" "username or password is incorrect".

    Remember: The Credential-Test works without error and the username/password is still the same.
  • Encrypted file names are not decrypted after restore.
    Thank you! Meanwhile I read your "White Paper" about Cloud-Providers and starts a 30-day-trial with Wazabi!
  • Encrypted file names are not decrypted after restore.
    Thanks Matt, I want to use "Google Cloud" instead of "Google Drive". But the price table is totally confusing for me. Same with Amazon S3 an Azure. I don't understand ths price calculators. I seem to be stupid. This is the reason, why I want to use "Google One with 2TB-storage" with filename encryption.

    Is OneDrive supporting filename encryption? OneDrive is a more expensive, but also OK. Backblaze is too slow, here in my country.


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