• Connect 3.1 is now Available
    The computer I am using to connect has Pro installed (Florida). The computer I am connecting to has Free installed (Ohio). This has worked great for a long time. Today I started my Florida computer and attempted to connect to my Ohio computer. I was asked for my password (Custom PW) and the system took it, but when the connection was established, I got a black box in the middle of my Florida monitor. I can't get it to do anything beyond that point. Both sides are up to date on updates. The Florida computer only indicates 1 monitor on the Ohio computer, but there are 2 both of which were always found in the past.

    What am I missing?
  • Connect 3.1 is now Available
    I updated the work computer I am using to connect to my home computer. I was prompted to update my home computer by the software on my work computer which I did. The home computer is not PRO / not licensed. My work computer is PRO / licensed. I use the software solely to connect from my work to my home when I am out of town.

    Ever since the update, my home computer refuses unattended access. It had been working for weeks and after the update it stopped accepting access without a person on the home computer accepting it. That sort of defeats the purpose. Nothing changed except your update.

    I opened a ticket - Case 00186818, sent logs from both systems, etc. and am getting nowhere with support. I have a few days before my person at home leaves and my system will be unusable.