• does changing retention schedule free up space on NAS?

    I am not sure that is what is happening...

    1. I have deleted a storage account after attempting to delete the individual 'block levels' and Full Items. After selecting all items Cloudberry would confirm if I was sure I wanted to delete selected items then it would delete a 'random number' maybe 1 or 4. Seems there might be a bug here. Anyway, I deleted the Storage Account and it made no change to the NAS storage. i.e. I dont think it deleted any files at all from the NAS.

    2. I have made changes listed above to the backup plans and re-run those backup plans but the storage account still shows files from a long time ago...when does it actually delete the files from the NAS? Do I need to 'Force a Full backup' for this to work?

    Is this something Cloudberry does on a 'delay' or background job? either way, I was expecting the files to have disappeared after changing the retention policy and running the plan
  • does changing retention schedule free up space on NAS?

    Can you answer another? the Storage Accounts on the 'Welcome' tab. Does that indicate exactly how much space the backups that machine has taken?
    If that is the case I should be able to look at all the storage accounts on the machines that are being backed up and calculate exactly how much storage in total is being used

  • System State Backup option disappeared?
    ok...didn't know that...the article is a little misleading as I don't see that mentioned anywhere...I have just come out of my trial and I must have been using the Server version on my Win10 machine and now it is back to desktop version

  • Cloud Storage Provider for Disk Image backups
    thanks...have done a comparison of Backblaze and Wasabi and both look pretty good...decided to try out Wasabi

    thanks again