• Purging deleted files from backup
    Hi @David Gugick! Thanks for the reply. Yes, that's pretty much it.

    When you have 'delete files that are deleted locally' enabled and the warning appears on the backup plan (assuming you haven't disabled the warning) you can click on it and it takes you to a simple UI which lists all the files that are flagged for deletion and how long until they are deleted from the archive.

    In this UI you can choose to select all and force the file deletion there and then. This is the functionality I was after but there seems to be no way to utilise it without accessing this UI. And you can't access this UI except via the warning link. And you don't get the warning link if the plan crashes due to a lack of archive space.
  • Purging deleted files from backup
    @Matt I must not be explaining this well as we appear to have gone full circle on the original post.

    I know that you can engage this option for a plan. And in the event you do it will perform the purge automatically.

    However. If you have a backup plan where the backup archive is full the plan crashes. You do not get to the point of automatic purge. You do not get a link that allows you to view files to be deleted in x amount of days. Hence there is no way I can see to trigger the purge of deleted items from the archive.
  • Purging deleted files from backup
    @Matt how do you implement data deletion from the backup storage tab? I can't see any way to trigger an automatic purge of deleted files
  • Purging deleted files from backup
    Thanks for the reply @Matt. I fixed my immediate problem by manually purging files from the archive which allowed the backup profile to execute which then performed the purge.

    This functionality exists by clicking on the "Warning: x files will be deleted in x days" link as below...


    ...but there's no way to access it in the absence of that link. Is that correct?