• remote keys
    In other remote programs I can send any key combination I want to the remote desktop. This would be the ideal as there are many ways to do all sorts of things in a Windows environment with Key combos.

    There are so many shortcut key combos that are really helpful to use when there is a problem on a unattended access computer that the ability to send any key combo would be extremely helpful. (or for that matter a computer that is being used by a novice user). Or if you are assisting someone with Virtual desktops. And if you are working in a DOS box Ctrl C & Ctrl V is almost an necessity when doing long complicated commands.

    I often use flag key combo commands as some of the people in my group can have lots of things launched or hidden taskbars that don't want to pop up unless I use the flag key. And as you mentioned Ctrl+Alt+Del.

    Sending key combinations could even be a selectable feature. But if I am given full control I can't think of a reason I would not want to be able to send key commands. And if I am away from my primary computer and need to do something on it remotely -Not being limited to preconfigured key commands would be most helpful