• My experiences on using AWS S3 Glacier IR for MSP360 backups
    Thanks Leonardo for the answer of my question and pointing me to this post.

    This is a temporary fix because in my opinion that option to enable or disable the synthetic should always be there. I'm having a lot of time outs that i didn't have when Synthetic was not a thing, so It would be much simpler not to have to edit the xml, maybe msp360 are reading this and make the option always there in future builds.

    Thank you
  • disable synthetic full backups
    Hello Leonardo

    Can you tell me where can i find the plans xml?
  • Forever Forward Backup “Times Out”
    @Steve Putnam
    I found this post about the problem with Forever Forward Incremental and i can say that even with images backup, when it begins to merge the old incremental with the full it does a synthetic backup everyday that tooks insane hours to finish if we have a 1tb backup size.

    I was taken by surprise by this behavior and if so, Forever forward incremental is not a solution to consider. It almost like making a 1tb full backup everyday. Insane!!

Octávio Craveiro

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