• Purge errors when using Wasabi with Compliance retention
    We are also struggling with Compliance Retention in Wasabi and Cloudberry trying to purge things and getting purge errors.
    Cloudberry: keep backup for 7 days
    Wasabi retention: 7 days
    But we are getting purge errors.

    We need some guidelines to configure both Cloudberry and Wasabi and definitely wat the compliance retention enabled in Wasabi.
  • Periodically write backup to multiple storages
    Thanks for your reply.
    What I mean is to have one backup plan, transferring to multiple Wasabi buckets. So that there is actually only 1 backup made of the SQL Database, instead of per backup plan.
    Our problem is that these backup plans has some overlap in time, and then we need twice as much disk space during the backup creation.

Ferdi Grootenboers

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