• de-duplication database transfer
    The dedup base will be regenerated from the structure of your backup.Alexander Negrash

    Thank you for answer!

    I was just confused by this statement from the help:
    Once a deduplication database is deleted or corrupted, a full backup type is always initiated

    I thought I could somehow prevent a full backup from happening :-)
  • CloudBerry Backup 7.4 BETA

    I create B2 bucket, create new AppKey with access only to this bucket, add BackupStorage (enter key, appkey, select this bucket is drop-down box) - all ok. But after I add Backup Plan - I receive error message "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: bucketid".

    Also, same error then I try to browse this backup storage. Or change it. I even can't delete it!
    Also try AppKey with access to all buckets - same error (((

    I do all as said on your website.

    Try to send support request, but no answer in some days.
  • CloudBerry Backup 7.4 BETA
    How we should report errors? )
  • Cloudberry Backup size limit
    Desktop Edition, buy about 2 years ago and 1 year maintenance after, (email removed - public forum)

    Backup want to do locally and to GoogleCloud. Your new storage format are very good! But I want also hybrid backup and retain policy like in previous format (ideal - like in CrashPlan - per file and like their version dialog)
  • Cloudberry Backup size limit
    And add me to this list. I also don't understand this licensing policy and am outraged by it. In general, I don't remember ANY backup program that would limit the amount of user data.
    I have about 4TB of data (photos, videos - 4K video from new phones eats up space just insanely) and this limit still restricts me from actively using your backup. So now I'm looking towards ArqBackup (leaving CrashPlan after their latest innovations "90 days of storing deleted files").

    And by the way, wasn't the limit higher before? As far as I remember, it seems that it was not 1TB, but 5TB?
  • Recovery USB - how to connect to WiFi?
    I'm shocked. Almost totally unusable Recovery USB for me :-(

    Any variants to include CB to other WinPE images? (StrelecPE (I understand what it's not licensed, but I need WiFi))
  • Archive Mode backups - Why so hard/impossible to restore individual files?

    I also want to be a 7.0 beta tester! Where I can sign up? :-)
  • Backblaze B2 - what lifecycle settings for bucket I should use?
    thank you for prompt answer!
    Am I right understand what in this screen I should use "Keep only the last version of the file"?

Yuri Alexandrov

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