• Informing about missing features
    What types of plans for pricing monthly or annually? I hope this don't take the route of Teamviewer, usually that happens in the tech world every vendors follow suit. Just Like Apple throws a notch on there products now every OEM want to have a notch lol. I will rather open my wallet to CloudBerry than Teamviewer. I'm an IT Tech for a non-profit organization and my company don't want to upgrade our Teamviewer because of there business pricing.
  • Informing about missing features
    Hey Gleb,

    Sort of like a client base inventory of computers saved, instead of the drop down menu that saves which comp you had sessions with, though this will have a dedicated window. I'm a long time user of Teamviewer and I have a big list of client machines saved that when it came time to access client machines for troubleshooting the information of those client machines was stored permanently for immediate access. But for now just a dedicated window for client machines, I understand this is a working in progress for you and your development team so i wont run at a 100 mph. Once again i appreciate your development teams hard work. I must agree that this application is by far the best teamviewer alternative application there is and has the potential to be a Teamviewer rival in the future.
  • So far so Good
    Awesome thanks Gleb.

Porfirio Guzman

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