• Can not set permissions to Windows share

    We are using Cloudberry Drive for Windows using S3 as storage.

    When we copy files from our local disk the permissions for those files are gone. We are using robocopy with parameters that copy these.

    If we copy files from local disk to another local disk the permissions are ok.

    Example 1 - Local Disk C to CloudBerry Drive:
    Robocopy C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\InstanciaA\ D:\ /mir /copyall /dcopy:A /sec
    #D: is our CloudBerry Drive unit

    The output of the command shows the following message:
    NOTE : Security may not be copied - Destination might not support persistent ACLs.

    Example 2 - Local Disk C to Local Disk E:
    Robocopy C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\InstanciaA\ E:\ /mir /copyall /dcopy:A /sec

    It copies with correct file permissions to users.

    Thank you all for your support.

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