• Backup data vs syncing data
    Thank you David,
    after some investigation, I found out, that
    when I use Restore functionality - setup with Restore Point - Latest version,
    then restoration works really correctly and no deleted files/folder are in restored folder
    (despite the old deleted files/folder are visible in backup)

    So the only remaining questions is:
    When the old deleted files/folders will be deleted also from backup?
    Despite I deleted some folder(s) in source, I still see this folder in backup storage, after backup was run.
    I would expect, that these deleted folders should be deleted also in backup side, but they are still there and visible. When will they be removed?

    My backup plan is this:
    • - source is 1 folder on my notebook disk (filesystem)
    • - backup is external USB key (filesystem)
    • - Backup mode: Simple Mode
    • - Advanced filter: all empty = nothing is ticked
    • - Retention Policy:
    • - Ticked: Delete files, that have been deleted locally
    • - Delete after 0 days (this is settings, where I expect, that deleted file/folder in source will be deleted immediately also in backup, but this not happens)