• Using NTLMv1 with Synology NAS DSM 7.0

    We are currently investigating the possible compatibility issues,

    Could you please provide us with logging information from your machine?

    First of all, please disable NTLMv1 support on your NAS server,
    Then Enable a high level of logging in to the backup software, you can do that in Tools > Options > Logging
    After that please reproduce the issue and send us logs (Tools >> Diagnostics, please specify ticket 104535 in the description)

    Thank you in advance for providing the information.

    Make sure to enable NTLMv1 on the NAS after sending the logs.
    Best Regards,
  • Support for non slash delimiter ?
    All other delimiters are not supported in Cloudberry explorer, so, no, you will not be able to use other delimiters to group keys.
  • Duration for initial backup?
    Hello Rich,

    0. The backup can be started manually right after the previous backup job has run.

    Please send us the logs from the machine so we can answer your further questions.

    Please go to the Remote Management tab in your MBS Online Console (http://mspbackups.com/Admin/Computers.aspx), choose the machine in question and under Gear button there will be an option to send us the logs remotely, you can specify ticket 61808.

    Best Regards,
  • Synthetic Full backup with S3/Glacier?

    Synthetic full backup is incompatible with glacier tier AWS S3 storage. the software will not be able to combine the files stored in glacier storage. If previous uploads are in the glacier tier, the synthetic full backup will be ignored, and the software will upload the image from scratch.

    AWS S3 Glacier does not support object aggregation,
  • How to limit space required for Image backup to only those partitions being used
    The problem was resolved by disabling the "Keep BitLocker" option for partitions.

    If you keep BitLocker encryption in your backup, the drive will not be shrunk to its minimum possible capacity. The software simply can not tell if the block of the drive is free or used, due to the block being encrypted.

Sergey Kosintsev

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