• Alex
    Not only the MBS Release is available today! MBS Backup Agent is also updated! 6.1.1 is now alive!

    Here is the list of features\improvements\bug fixes

    • New UI for backup wizard: schedule step (predefined templates and advanced mode)
    • Master password now protects not only the backup agent but CLI as well
    • Hyper-V - Ability to exclude virtual drives of a VM on the backup
    • User Interface for excluding disks for Hyper-V backup
    • AWS Hong-Kong region is now supported
    • AWS Stockholm region is now supported
    • Exclude empty folder during the restore
    • Azure Stack as a backup destination is now available

    • Master password security improvements
    • Master password security improvement: UI changes
    • Master password: Show a warning message in case settings were changed manually or the signature is not valid
    • Restore to EC2 - Add t3. instance types
    • EFS-encrypted files handling improvements: if the service account has access to the file – it will be backed up, otherwise, it will be skipped and plan will be ended with a warning message
    • Track local file deletes in the backup storage functionality improvements
    • The ability to uncheck a file that no longer exists to avoid "file not found" errors during the backup
    • Deprecate support for legacy Snowball. Now only Snowball Edge is supported
    • Default service startup type after the update of an app is unexpected
    • Add exact size for backup in the User Plan Report

    • Backup Service cannot be started due to unknown reason
    • Hybrid backup doesn’t copy differential uploaded
    • High memory consumption during data purge
    • "Restore to Cloud" - VM restore to EC2 ignores "SkipLostRevisions=true"
    • “Value cannot be null” error during IBB to VMware restore
    • "Sequence contains more than one matching element" error fix
    • Disabling Real-Time backup via “Schedule option” on a backup plan dashboard
    • Ignore spaces and dots in folder\file paths
    • Command Line Interface doesn’t reply on a bootable USB
    • Repository Sync of Dedup Server storage account fails with "Dedup Service is not responding"
    • Command Line Interface issues fix: Error on "addBackupIBBPlan" command; Error on 'status' command; Run 'restore' command; Edit IBB plan command; created ISO command
    • IBB full backup is not performed upon the schedule
    • CLI: IBB Restore doesn't allocate partition correctly, but restores data
    • Slow backup: SQL query 'UPDATE cloud_files SET date_deleted_utc = ? AND date_deleted_utc = '99999999999999
    • Image backup to a network share - Need retries ("The handle is invalid", "Device is not ready" and "Cyclic redundancy check" )
    • Edit source in a backup plan on Hyper-V doesn’t work
    • "One or more backup files are encrypted" error message even when encrypted files are excluded
    • Exchange Item-level restore doesn't work
    • "Synthetic Full Backup" doesn't work when the option “Block-Level” is switched off in IBB plans
    • Item-Level Restore for Hyper-V fails with an error in some cases
    • "UNIQUE constraint failed" error on consistency check of files with special characters
    • Errors during files deletion process in case the master password is switched on
    • View Block Content" returns an error "File Not Found"
    • VM Item Level Restore: “No Snapshot Available in Backup Data” error fix
    • IBB selection "Backup all/system drives" should detect partitions on a backup run (was: Source disk not found)
    • Restore Files: Encryption password is incorrect even the restore via Online Access works
    • Incorrect UI behavior during backup plan creation
    • Log4net issue when commands are running simultaneously
    • Real-time backup cannot be stopped
    • EC2 instance terminated unexpectedly after it has been restored via MBS (EC2 config error)
  • Steve Putnam
    Kudos for the security improvements in the master console password and the ability to prevent deletion of backups from the agent console. I tested it and it works - the delete option is gone.
  • Anton Zorin
    , thanks for the update! :)
  • ScubaSteve
    Oh man! I am grateful for this update. I had all sorts of weird problems with the prior update and this seems to have fixed them all. Especially backing up the encrypted files.
  • Anton Zorin
    , please check the new version and let us know if all is fixed now.
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