• Alex
    Hello everyone! We made a really big job here with CloudBerry since our latest update. Please welcome, Managed Backup Service 4.4!

    • Pre/Post Actions: Synchronise repository before run checkbox
    • AWS Intelligent-Tiering storage class support
    • Azure Shared Access Signature (SAS) support
    • Support AWS Security Token Service (STS) for Wasabi
    • Wasabi EU region support. eu-central-1 (Amsterdam, NL) is now supported
    • Repository synchronization progress on a side-panel. Previously, if the repository synchronization progress is initiated, you couldn’t check if it’s running or not. Now MBS console is able to report that the progress is running. Available on a side-panel within backup/restore jobs list
    • AWS Stockholm region support
    • Remote Management: an option to export a list of all computers in CSV (available under group actions)
    • Support backup paths with "$" instead of ":"
    • Notification about old build version is running. Now right on the top of the screen (above the main menu), you will be notified that you run an old version of a backup client on some computers

    • EC2 backup wizard improvements
    • Reporting -> Backup History: Display user and company name next to the PC name
    • Reporting -> Backup History: Checkboxes for plan statuses. Now you are able to select what statuses to display or to which you should pay attention to
    • Administrators: granular permission for Backup History per company. Now you can enable or disable this report for an administrator. Also, if the option is switched on, just certain companies can be observed according to the permissions granted
    • Predictive search for a company name. Now in a drop-down menu, you are able to start typing a company name
    • Backup History: added search functionality in a company drop-down list
    • Improved validation for Bindings and Certificates
    • Backup History: change text when there is no history for the selected period/company

    • Reporting-> Billing: X button doesn’t work
    • 2-factor authentication didn’t work in Firefox
    • RM, search line: disabled Google Chrome autocomplete form
    • Azure lifecycle error "ManagementPolicy rule MBS Account policy rule is invalid"
    • Monitoring - invalid icon for Hyper-V plans
    • Replace old link to CW section
    • Consolidation: licenses that were assigned to a specific company (company pool) are not reassigned during consolidation
    • Unhanded exception on legacy plans list page in case user email doesn’t exist
    • Home page: show correct licenses data for Licenses tab and Information section on Home page if Administrator has permissions for specific companies
    • "Something has gone wrong" on click by "Not all rules applied" link
    • Backup History Report doesn't show an icon for plans with Warning status
    • "Cancel" button doesn't change the status of the stuck EC2 restore
    • Reporting -> Group report -> columns have different font
    • Backup and Restore Plan with "empty" or <space> name doesn't work
    • RM -> Restore to cloud consistently gives "Something has gone wrong" message
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