• James
    We have seen several Block Level Image backups not run properly since the update to . What is happening is block level backups always run as full instead of block level as originally scheduled.

    Also, the plan settings are not consistent when viewed in the new plan editor vs. legacy plan editor. In the new style plan editor, it doesn't show any schedule for block level, in the legacy plan editor it still shows the block level.

    One in particular had the following setup:
    Full Image Backup Once Per Month
    Block Level Image Backup Mon-Fri

    This job is running a full backup Mon-Fri now.

    When I edit this in the new job editor, it doesn't even show a daily is scheduled, all it shows is the Full once per month. But it is running daily and doing a full backup, not a block level. This was a scheduled job and is not started by a chain or anything like that. In the legacy plan editor it still shows the block level schedule as being Mon-Fri.

    Are we going to have to review every single plan on every system? Why is this kind of thing changing?
  • Matt
    Not familiar with anything like that, so we need the logs from the machine fo further investigation. You can send them viatools > diagnostic menu in the backup agent or "gear" button > send logs in your web dashboard.

    Be sure to provide the screenshots of the issue once the ticket is created after sending the logs.
    Also, I'd appreciate if you add a link to this forum thread in the issue description.
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