• Anton Zorin
    30 (March 15, 2018)

    What's new:
    Retina support (except white-labeled logos)
    Symlinks proper handling
    Show hidden files/folders in wizard
    Apply remote deploy configurations to Linux\Mac backup clients
    Warning status on ignore sockets, pipes, device files etc.
    Checkbox shows folder & files inside folder selection status
    Ignore "Icon?" files on Mac (do not show error)
    Added active cancel button to settings in linux agent
    Restore of 0 files is now Warning instead of Success

    1095 Self-signed SSL in no longer silently accepted, will require user's approval.
    1372 SendLogs was not working under Centos 8.9
    1269 Fixed broken proxy after previous update
    1337 Backup storage showed N/A for Compression and Encryption for some files

    Performance improvements
    Minor UI issues
  • Anton Zorin
    2.4.1 -- skipped (changes only in standalone)
  • Anton Zorin
    30 (May 7, 2018)

    1181 MBS backup dialogs rebranding
    1404 False Failed status on Backup - reason not logged(?)
    1507 Support for new Osaka region in Amazon
    988 Ignore icon files in macOS (don't show error)
    451 Linux debian 8.0 & 7 support
    458 When running 'cbb listPlans' getting: Segmentation fault
    462 Backup completed” in Restore plan email notifications
    464 MBS mac and Linux - Long passwords not supported
    468 Incorrect product name in Applications folder and Menu bar
    484 When typing "cbb account -l", typo in error message.
    489 Compression does not work on Centos 6 and RHEL 6
    496 Wrong elapsed time calculation
    530 Add status overdue in reporting if the backup plan is missed for X days (Mac/Linux)
    1067 Temporary files created for restore process are not removed if plan is failed
    1177 Autoupdate crash on step restart GUI
    1498 "Back up symlinks only" doesn't work
    1511 File permissions after restore from FS account
    1539 Clicking on Legend in Restore Wizard crashes GUI
    1543 Memory limit set to 2048 MB or more - is written to config as negative value
    1551 Backup corrupted symlink "Specified path does not exist"
    1553 Ubuntu package being installed incompletely if Display Name and Product Name are equal
    1558 No Legend in restore plan
    1564 In CLI Chunk size limit set to 50000 MB or more
  • Anton Zorin
    30 (May 15, 2018)

    1576 Ubuntu package being installed with incorrect permissions
    1516 Backed up file to Oracle can't be restored if compressed
    1454 Backup to Oracle Cloud fails -"I dont know this error type" - "Token not found in cache"
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