• Kyle K
    Here's the scenario I'm envisioning:

    October: Perform our initial full > incremental's for the rest of the month
    November: Synthetic full on the first Sunday of the month > incrementals the rest of the month
    December: Synthetic full on the first Sunday of the month > incrementals the rest of the month
    repeat, repeat

    I'm using Wasabi as only a DR strategy so trying to keep the amount of data we have in Wasabi as low as possible.

    What retention settings would accomplish this? Would a bi-weekly synth full perhaps be more appropriate?
  • Anton Zorin
    Hi ,
    Thanks for your question!

    Can you please let me know what's the role of the server, what is the set of partitions, what applications located where and what's in your scope for the backup that you're describing?
    Do you have any legal requirements to store data longer?

  • Kyle K
    Role of the servers are typically just Domain Controllers/File Servers. A couple are running SQL. We always do two volumes, one being system only and the other for data. Applications would be located on the data volume. No legal requirements must be met. For the synth full we would be doing image-based and all partitions.
  • Anton Zorin
    1. Back up the system with image-based backup and files/data with file-level or a specific application backup
    2. For DC I assume daily block-levels and weekly fulls, for file-servers, for the system partition, I'd say weekly block-level and monthly full.
    For data partition, frequency should be based on the nature of the data and the daily incremental part.

    Speaking of retention,
    For system partitions, it should be at least 30 days,
    For data partitions, it depends on your internal requirements/policies.

    I hope, this would help.
  • Kyle K
    Unfortunately, I think this is over complicating what I'm trying to accomplish.

    My goal really is just to set up each client the same:
    -Backup all partitions
    -Enable compression
    -Synthetic full backup
    -Recurring schedule
    -Full backup: occurs every 1 month on first Sunday at 01:00
    -Block-level Incremental backup: occurs every 1 day at 18:00

    I'm so used to GFS and I'm struggling to understand what my retention policy should be when utilizing Synthetic Fulls. Say I want to keep 1 month. Do I do this for instance?:

    -Specify custom retention policy for plan
    -Keep number of versions: 1

    or do I do:

    -Delete versions older than 1 month

    And do I or do I not check 'Always keep the last version'?

    What would be the best method for a one month retention?
  • ds2
    Think about 93 day retention by wasabi and their early delete fee
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