• Rocky
    When I boot to the Cloudberry Backup bootable USB I get an "operating system not found" message
    1. this is a windows 7 machine (that I am using to test disaster recovery)
    2. I made sure that the boot sequence is external USB on the Dell Optiplex machine
    3. I am using the right USB thumb drive which I verified has bootmgr and 3 folders (Boot, EFI, sources)
    4. I verified I have a good internet connection and the Ethernet cable is connected to the NIC

    Thanks in advance for your kind attention. Please let me know if you need more info from me.
  • Anton Zorin
    Hi ,

    Just to confirm, you have installed Cloudberry Backup, performed an image-based backup, created a USB-drive from the backup agent, trying to boot it up and it's not loading with the message "operating system not found", correct?

  • Rocky
    Yes, Anton - that is correct. it is a Windows 7 Machine that I'm using because I did not have a Server 2016 to test with. But I imaging Windows 7 will do the job for this test.

    I am using CloudBerry Backup.
  • Rocky
    This is what I do to invoke the bootable USB - turn computer on > press F12 to invoke the Boot Menu > Select USB device (the only one connected at the time) > Hit Enter to select the device > "Missing operating system" - It is almost like Cloudberry Backup does not place a boot file in order to load the OS.

    I used another new USB drive and made another Bootable USB using Cloudberry backup. Same result.
  • Rocky
    SOLVED: In case anyone wants to know - CloudBerry Bootable USB Bare Metal Image Restore worked perfectly on a Windows 10 Machine. It did not work on the Windows 7 Machine, so I would say to anyone with the same issue - Test your Bootable USB if you plan to continue to use Windows 7 (end of Windows 7 support is Jan 2020)
  • Ethan Sed

    We appreciate your description and follow-up! While the official ending of Windows 7 support from Microsoft is coming in early 2020, you should still be able to create a bootable drive on that operating system using our software.

    For future reference, please ensure that the Windows 7 machine is provided with all the recent updates and system packs. Also kindly make sure that you have followed all the instructions specified in our guide thoroughly (please pay attention to Windows PE, Windows ADK, and Windows AIK packages):


    We are glad to know that you have succeeded with creation of the bootable drive on the Windows 10 system. Let us know in case of other questions, please.
  • Sally Harrt
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  • Sally Harrt
    Making a bootable USB disk on windows 7 machine,as i did before,iSO to USB,Free ISO Burner and imgburn are good free tools of burning iso to USB.Sally Harrt
    The following one is a tutorial and the other is a tool, any of which can help create a bootable Windows 7 USB disk.
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