• mchallis
    I have installed on several Win 10 computers recently. I like it and I am installing it for many of my IT clients. I have a few small ussues to report.

    1) On some computers, the X to close the program in the top right corner is missing, clicking on that spot where the X should be sufficiently closes the program.

    2) It seems like the tray icon does not always appear, even if you set it to "show in system tray always".

    3) I usually first setup Options -> Bandwidth -> cloud Max Speed to 100kb then I create a Wasabi account, then configure a new "Local to Cloud" files backup schedule. Once i finish setting up the backup schedule, it starts going. Here is the problem: If I look at the upload activity, the bandwidth limit is ignored and the files are backing up at full speed saturating the upload. I have to resolve it by repeating the Options -> Bandwidth -> cloud Max Speed 100k, apply. Now I see the limit take effect. It appears that the new local to cloud job is ignoring the limit, unless I return to apply the limit setting again.
  • Matt

    1) That's known problem which should be fixed in version 6.4, on some config there are problem with the Windows "ribbon".

    2) Same here, actually. Currently if you close the app it does not appear. The new version will be released in January.

    3) That looks like something new. Please update to version 6.2.3, enable high logging (tools > options > logging), reproduce the problem by running the plan for 3-5 minutes in this state, and send us the logs via tools > diagnostic menu. Don't forget to mention this forum thread in the issue description so it goes directly to me.
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