• rbrower
    I’m wondering if someone may be able to assist with an issue I'm seeing after migrating Cloudberry Ultimate Edition to a new server.

    Here's the run-down.
    I’ve gone ahead and moved our Cloudberry (MSP360) installation to a new server due to a required OS upgrade (Server 2012 R2 to Server 2022 Datacenter). I used the steps below:
    1. Export configuration
    2. Release license from old server
    3. Install newest version of MSP360 on new server
    4. Import license.
    5. Import configuration.
    6. Kept Backup Prefix
    However, I did not keep all the old backup jobs as some were no longer in use
    7. Reset the encryption password for jobs that use it, as this did not appear to have been imported,
    although it was supposed to.

    A repository synchronization began automatically, however, the system later rebooted due to an update.

    The synchronization continues to run and has been doing so for a few days.

    Backup jobs are currently running successfully. I had the impression they were not supposed to run until the synchronization completed.

    Questions I’m trying to find answers to:
    1. Is there a way to tell whether the synchronization is working as intended?
    I’m concerned, since backup jobs are completing before the initial synchronization completed,
    so I'm wondering if the new backups will be placed in the proper order.
    2. The database on the original server was over 12GB. On the new server it is close to 3GB and has barely changed in size in the last few days. I expected the database size may be smaller since not all backup jobs were imported, but I did expect much more growth regardless.
    3. One of our backups holds ~22TB of data. What does this mean in terms of timeline for completing the synchronization?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • rbrower
    FYI, this has resolved on its own. The synchronization took close to week, but everything now appears to be working.

    Just needed a lot of patience.

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