• Vishi Anand
    I am evaluating Cloudberry. I am in need of a backup software to backup my pictures. Should I be using file based or the image based? I did a trial run by creating a backup plan with file based on a USB attached disk and I see I have a copy of my files with the same folder structure as my source. Is this what I should use if planning to move to Google or Wasabi or similar cloud providers? Is my assumption correct that the image based is for creating disk images, like for my windows PC's drive?
  • David Gugick
    Use file backup as it will allow you to tune the retention at the file level while backing up only the folders needed. Image backup is for backing up entire operating systems for the purpose of disaster recovery. While you can restore individual files from an image-based backup, you'll find the file-based option more flexible for your needs.
  • Jerry
    Is there a technical reason why restoring individual files or folders in an image backup can't default to their original location? My retention needs generally apply at the volume level, so image backups would be a great solution IF I could more easily restore groups of individual files and/or folders.
  • David Gugick
    No technical reason I can think of that the File-Level Restore (FLR) dialog couldn't default to the original folder (if it still exists). I will add this as a customer request.

    The FLR is designed for quick restores of a file or folder and not for more detailed restores using other factors like multiple folders, file versions, and backup date that you get when performing file-level backups. If you need the benefits of both, however, then my recommendation is to perform both types of backups on the system in question. That's what I do with my work system. I perform weekly image backups and daily file-level backups of my User folder - each with different retention.
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