• Anton Zorin
    Dear all,

    Feel free to send examples of the reports you would like us to add.
    We're going to work on this soon and need some feedback from you.

    Thank you,
  • Steve Putnam
    Glad to hear that you are working o improvements to the reporting in MBS.
    Top priority is being able to have the system produce a periodic (wkly, mthly annual) summary for each client/company with the following:
    - Total plans run
    - Total number of failures/completed with warning
    - Pctg success
    - Historical graph/reports of the above stats over time - summarized by month
    Since so many of the errors fall into just a few categories it would be nice (though not essential) to have a summary of number of failures for each type:
    - Files could not be found/could not access files/permissions
    - VSS Writer in invalid state
    - unable to reach MBS website
    - other

    Another important feature would be for us to get the reports separated by Back-end storage account.
    We backup to local drive, Amazon, and Google, but we only report failures to customers if the Amazon backup fails, so we would want to have the option to only include the Amazon stats in the report, or to have it generate a separate report for each backend account - (lump all Local into one report).

    The idea is to provide a summary to the customer but to also have the detail available. We would want to be able to send the summary reports via email to our clients.
    He is a link from one of your integration partner's website that shows one type of backup summary:.
  • Anton Zorin
    Thank you for the reply.
    I'm currently putting together all the custromer requests on Reporting sent earlier, and once processed, I will prepare some sketches and will be happy to give you a call to discuss.
  • Steve Putnam
    Another feature that would be useful would be the ability to search all backups across clients for particular file names/types. For example, we want to be able to use Cloudberry to determine if we have any active snapshots of HyperV machines. If we could search for *.avhdx across all backups it would be great.
  • Luke
    In the existing billing report is it possible to define if accounts are using multiple storage formats? ex: we have a mix of users on "S3 IA" and "S3 standard" as configured in the backup plans however the billing report only allows us to list one price for all storage regardless of the storage type.
  • Fabricio Galdino
    I need reports that can give information about period , like how many Gigabytes has been backuped this month?

    The actual report is very simples,but very customizable, just have information about actual status about tasks, but normally, we use reports to take data from a group of actions, like how many task has been executed with sucess this month.

    If you make these kind of report a, the Cloudberry will be perfect.
  • Bryan Boston
    I know I am late to the party here but I wanted to put in my suggestions.

    Regarding actual backup reports, it would be nice to have the option to get a txt file of all files backed up, skipped/failed and any deleted as part of the retention settings in the notification email after a backup completes.

    If anything, I would love to get a report of which files were skipped/failed in the backup status email after a schedule completes. Thanks!
  • Arismonty Beato

    The contents of the Scheduled Reports fits our needs, but a PDF attachment option would be greatly appreciated.

    Most of our reports by customer are so long that the HTML e-mail message is always clipped.


  • Florian
    please extend the api for additonal features e.g.:
    - Get all backup plans from a certain computer (already mentioned in another post)
    - Get the backup history of a plan with detailed information about which files have been backed, etc. (already mentioned in another post)
    - Implement a possibility to get the current remote state of the servers.

    We have our own monitoring and customer information system where we integrate all services we provide.

  • ScubaSteve
    I think everything that has been suggested so far but also allow us to run a single report on all companies as well. Especially for the automated / scheduled reports. As of this time we can only schedule a report per company.
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