• Charles Northover
    Hi, I currently use the Remote Assistant app to access a specific machine in my office remotely from home. Is there any way within the app of mapping a local drive on this machine or premapped server drive (say \\Servername\Folder Name) accross the internet to my laptop at home. Both have fibre connections so speed not an issue. I know you can do this to a point with Windows RDP. Any ideas please? Many thanks,

  • David Gugick
    Can you describe your particular use case in more detail? I'm curious as to why you'd want a share accessible via a remote PC outside the RA client (assuming I understood your question). Thanks!
  • Charles Northover
    Thank you for your response. Currently I can access, using the Cloudberry Remote app, a dedicated PC in my office from home which has all the usual Office apps on as well as a mapped server folder where our company files are held. When I am in the office my laptop is also connected to the server and the same folder is mapped to my laptop, in fact all of our office machines, including my laptop, have the same server folder mapped to them as a V:\ drive.
    What I was wondering if it was possible to map the same folder through the Cloudberry Remote application connection to my laptop here at home. Does the app support the facility to run a DOS Shell command that uses the existing secure Cloudberry Remote app to map the server path across the internet to my laptop?
    The problem is I have specific licensed software on my laptop but not on the desktop in the office. Currently I don´t wish to buy yet more licences to install the necessary software on the desktop as well. I know I can use the DOS shell command subst to map a specific folder on my laptop C:\ drive to appear as the server V:\ drive.
    Cloud storage isn´t really a suitable solution for our day to day work, but we use it for nightly offsite backups. As we are a micro business (<10 employees) our infrastructure is also pretty basic.
    I hope this makes some sense & many thanks.
  • David Gugick
    I do not think that's possible. Could you transfer your license to the desktop in the office? If that's the PC that's always there and connected to the remote share, maybe that's a better place (assuming that's possible). If the data is on a NAS, it may have a built-in secure method for accessing the files over the internet. You could also look into using a VPN.
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