• Carlos Alfaro
    I am a current CrashPlan user and need help.

    I have a single machine which I need to backup (central repository for all my files from my various computers) which I mostly use for storing pictures (just under 700 gigs) and a few documents (less than 500 megs). At the time when I started backing up, the software I needed was in the windows realm. My machine does have a large windows partition to hold my pictures and organization software. I do most of my work (99%) on the linux partition on the same machine but a separate drive.

    I want a reliable backup. I like to know if anyone has experience with using both versions of the backup software windows and linux.

    What is a better choice? Purchase the windows license and backup with widows? I can work on linux and save on the windows partition. I rather not use windows and stick with linux. For about a year or two I did run crashplan on linux exclusively but the processor intensive java based application sort of turned me off from it.

    If I get the linux software, can I backup my windows partition with no problems? (just a few folders ctually - I can restore windows rather quickly if needed) Can I backup with either software to two locations? I like to backup so Amazon but also to a local NAS for "quick" access in case of a HDD failure. Internet speed is good in the present but you never know when things can go wrong.

    Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advanced.


  • Carlos Alfaro
    By the way, I did some reading on some pages but was unable to find my specific answers.

    Sorry if I could not find the right pages but any help to find the answers and I will do the work searching more.

    Thanks again.
  • MSP360
    Have you downloaded a trial version of our Linux version yet? You get a free 15 day trial, this may be one of the best ways to evaluate if it will work for you. Our Windows version does include a hybrid mode that backs up to 2 locations at one (local and cloud), that feature will eventually make it to the Linux version.

  • GlebAccepted Answer
    , it should work fine if you use the Linux OS to run backup of both Linux and Windows partitions (provided that your distro has NTFS driver updated). Keep in mind, however, that our Linux Backup is younger than our Windows Backup and many features available in the latter are not yet available in the former - for example, running one backup plan to 2 destinations. You can still run two separate backup plans to different destinations though, just make sure to not allow them cross in time.
  • Carlos Alfaro
    Thank you very much for all the answers and clarification.

    I will definitely would like to leave windows behind but need it for support I give to some.

    I will definitely purchase the license and try to get it to run the way I want it to.

    I do not need fancy features for my simple backup but I am about to start a service of managed backup and I need to dip my toe in the water with a personal system and a business system.

    Thank you all. I will report on my progress on another post.

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