• keithw
    I am using the Free edition of CloudBerry. I had to reinstall my Linux machine Ubuntu 20.04 and now I am trying to restore my data. I had to reinstall CloudBerry and point to the NFS server via the local mount point.

    I selected the entry in the 'Backup Storage' on the left of the app. I see it has added a few files to the display, but it has been doing this for 2 hours now and does not appear to be making any progress.

    Next to the entry in the backup storage shows activity indicator running.

    CloudBerry version any help to speed this up would be great.
  • David Gugick
    please refer to this help article (it’s Windows but same concepts apply) and see it it helps. If not, please post some screenshots about the issue.
  • keithw
    I looked at the link and this is not my issue. It take 90mins to sync 2.2M files. Now it seems to be doing nothing at all still stating Repo sync.

    I did have the repo on a NAS connected via 1G ethernet and NFS. I copied all of the file off the nas to my local machine, which only improved the scan by maybe 15 mins. The machine is XEON CPU and should be very fast.

    I did get it to start restoring the files at one point, but 6 hours into this restore it only restored 38% then it took 3 hours to get to 42%. The performance B/s was around 500B/s or very slow for a local file. I have the repo on one local drive and restoring it to another local drive. Both drives are SSD drives.

    Very frustrated for this taking so long.
  • David Gugick
    I think you'll need a support case to have someone look at what is causing the latency / access delays. I am confused about the NFS Server versus the mention of local disk. Can you elaborate on where the backups are stored and where you are trying to restore them to?
  • keithw
    Update: Started a new restore with only part of the repo to restore. It states 2.11GB of data, but that value must be the amount to restore not the total amount to restore. Restore speed is round 230KB/s.

    It seems to have a huge pauses maybe 2 minutes between burst of 1000 files it restores.
  • keithw
    The backup was on a NFS mounted server via 1G ethernet. I copied the backup <CBB_machine-name> directory off the NAS machine (mounted via NFS) to the same machine I needed to restore. I put the CBB directory in /backup-tmp/CBB_machine-name on the first SSD in the system.

    I then pointed CBB to that local directory /backup-tmp as the backup location, then created a restore to the original location of the files on the second SSD drive.

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