• Brian Utterback
    My computer has a C: disk and a D: disk. I had configured a hybrid backup so that my user data was backed up locally to the D: disk as well as to Amazon Glacier.

    Yesterday the windows image on by C: got corrupted and failed to boot. After many hours on the phone with the manufacturers tech support, I was able to install a new copy of Windows 10 on the c: and get my computer bootable again, but naturally I lost everything on the C: drive.

    I was able download a new copy of Cloudberry Backup Freeware to quickly regain access to my important data, but now I need to get back up and running on a more permanent basis.

    I looked around the msp360.com site, but I didn't find a doc for my situation. I want to restore my license for Cloudberry and to restore my plans. The local data is not encrypted but the Glacier data is, so I think I need the license activation and not just stick with the Freeware. When I set up the hybrid plan I told the program to store the configuration data with the archive. I now see it would also have been a good idea to do an export of the configuration, but I did not.

    So any suggestions or links to a doc I missed?

  • Roger Averdahl
    If i go to msp360.com and choose Sign In in the top row and use the Customer Login option i find my license keys there. All you need is there, license key and the ability to download the application/s you have bought.

    If you have forgot your password, just click on Forgot Password.
  • Brian Utterback
    I already know my license keys. When I enter the license key from my computer it fails because the license is already attached to another computer. It is really the same computer, but Cloudberry doesn't know that.
  • David Gugick
    If you need to release a license and have no access to the original installation, then please send an email to and request the license be released so you can use it on the newly installed OS.

    As far as continuing the backups on the newly restore PC, please refer to this article: https://www.msp360.com/resources/blog/how-to-continue-backup-on-another-computer/
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