• NateL
    I'm curious about this v7 backup format and have several questions.

    If I want to switch all of my backups to the new format NOW, before I forget about this...

    1. Can I 'convert' or must I recreate my plans?
    2. Will automatic conversion be on the timeline at some point, for those of us who forget to take action?
    3. What are the data-hosting cost considerations in moving later (more data) versus now?
    4. Should I revisit full disk images I've created and don't actively update?
    5. Referring to the format as Beta is scary for a product that keeps things 'safe' for us...
    5a. What are the risks of the format having 'breaking' changes when it's finalized?
    5b. Should I incur the costs of switching now, while still in beta?
    5c. Will I possibly have to incur those costs again, if/when something unfortunate occurs with the beta format and I have to do it all again?

  • Jon Beets
    Hi Nate,

    I installed v7, because it was available, and in the hope it would fix a problem where a scheduled backup runs, even when 'Run missed scheduled plan immediately when computer starts up' is unchecked, if the computer was switched off at the scheduled time. See Run missed ... Off course it was not fixed! :angry:

    To add to the pain, my existing scheduled task errored after the upgrade to v7 with 'The specified path is invalid'. I am using a Synology NAS as the destination. I created a case for this with the initial response being that it was a known problem! :brow: I will create a separate forum post discussing this in more detail.

    Today I created a new format backup, which worked perfectly. I particularly like the option of Restore Verification, as the main problems with backups, is that the restore is not easy to test, and you only find out there is a problem, when you are in trouble.

    So, at least for my environment, installing v7 meant I was forced to use the new format. I have not tried a new backup plan using the old format, as yet. :wink:

  • FKemp
    Reading about your experience makes me want to postpone upgrading, Jon. Sounds like a lot of headache.
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