• Ian Cummings
    Hi, I have just upgraded to Cloudberry Backup V7 and see mention of a new backup format. I can choose this new backup if I create a new job, and it also worryingly tells me that this is the only format that's going to be supported in future. I am in the middle of trying to backup about 1TB of data over a 4Mb/s (up)link which is likely to take many weeks/month.

    Could you tell me what this new format means (I can't see any release notes), what is formatted differently, and whether I should abandon my current backup and create a new job?

    This is the third time I've had to re-upload all my data over the years for various reasons and it's tiresome so I'd rather not do it a fourth time!
  • Sergey N
    No worries Ian, this is just a BETA release and you still can use the old format for years. You can find all the info about the new format here. In the future we are planning to move to the new format only as it is a natural step of evolution, however, we will always support the ability to restore from older formats and we are talking about few years at least so you will have plenty of time to prepare.
  • Ian Cummings
    Hi Sergey, many thanks for your prompt reply.

    I guess my concern is that my main use is for long term offsite disaster recovery of my photos; I have about 1TB and add to this as days go by. I want to be able to continue to add to my backup for many years to come as I have new photos to back up. I'm currently re-uploading as support for (old) Amazon Glacier is said to being phased out and so I am re-uploading the whole TB to S3 Deep Archive before I lose the ability to add new images to Glacier. I don't really want to re-upload everything again in 2 years time if I cannot continue to add to my old format storage.

    I still have the photos backed up in Glacier, so I could wait for the new format to come out of beta before I re-upload everything to S3 Deep Archive?

    What would your suggestion be bearing in mind that the new file format is only in beta at the moment?

    Thanks, Ian
  • Eric G
    I had a local backup plan that was running incremental daily backups since June. With the install of v7, it forced a full backup from scratch in what appears to be the new format (based on the backup directory naming)

    It seems all of my backup plans were updated to the new format and full backups forced? That was definitely not expected, or wanted.
  • David Gugick
    What kind of backup? Image or File?
  • Eric G
    it was a file-based plan
  • David Gugick
    Eric, there is no conversion of plans to the new backup format - either automatic or manual. Old plans stay as they were. You would need to create a new plan using the new backup format. When you say a "full" ran, are you saying that every file in the plan was backed up again in total? If so, that should never happen unless there was a change in storage and a corresponding sync / consistency check were run. Can you provide any additional details on what exactly you saw happen when 7.0 ran your existing backup plan?
  • Eric G
    From my perspective, below is what I did:
    1. Upgraded to 7.0

    2. I noticed one of my plans (file based, encrypted, to a local storage account) was "Not Scheduled" even though it previously ran every night.

    3. I clicked the start icon, and it immediately started a "Full (first run)" backup.

    4. When I looked in the local path for the storage account, I saw under CBB_Archive that a new directory was created for the backup. The dir name was a UUID, instead of reusing the existing directory named for the backup plan.

    Hope this helps!
  • Jon Beets
    Hi Eric,

    My old backup plan failed to run at all after the upgrade to v7, so it would seem to me that there are some issues with upgrading to v7 that we should be wary of. See V7.0 existing ... for the details of my problem with v7.

  • Ian Cummings
    I thought I'd try a new backup to the cloud (amazon s3 deep archive), using the new format. It's only managed to backup 1.7GB in over 6 hours up a 4Mb/s link - I normally get much more than that.
    It says 39 committed parts.
    Even though I've enabled compression, the reported value after 6 hours is 0%.
    Scanned 1524 files (3.6GB), file to backup 1523, processed 522 (1.73GB), uploaded (1.72GB).
    The activity lights on the NAS box I'm backing up from seem to be on constantly.
    The filepath of the file being backed up seems only to change every 15,20,30 minutes.
    It's all very odd, and I dont' seem to be able to stop the backup plan, it's been "Stopping" for 5 minutes now.
  • Ian Cummings
    Update from above: the disk lights weren't on constantly, they were the opposite (inactive). I ended up restarting the computer to get control back from the "stopping" job
  • David Gugick
    Support would like you to open a case from Tool - Diagnostic. More below.

    Please ask the customer to: open a new support case; send us a set of logs from the machine; send a screenshot showing contents of the "new" destination folder; send a couple of screenshots of Backup Storage tab showing the data uploaded to the "old" and to the "new" destinations.
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