• Tim Schoeller
    We have been backing up select folders on a fileserver to S3 for yeras now and by keeping 3 versions of each file have grown our storage footprint to 1.5TB.

    We have now moved to a new fileserver and would like to retire the old server, moving CloudBerry to the new server and have it pick up the task of off-site backups of the file structure. I want to avoid having to upload all files newly and simply upload changed files. The 2 servers are currently replicated so the files on both servers are the same.

    Is there a procedure to accomplish this?

  • JoeM
    Use robocopy either standalone or the builtin version. I would recommend the standalone as it is much more granular.
  • Tim Schoeller
    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for the response. I am not sure I understand your suggestion. Copying the actual files is where RoboCopy would be used. I have already copied the files. My problem is that if I move the cloudberry instance over to the new server I must either do a restore on that server which I do not need as the files are already there or create a new backup which would result in needlessly uploading 1.5TB (not an option). I need to know how to tell Cloudberry that the files are already uploaded. I can rename the folder in S3 to match the new server but this is just a guess. Are there some instructions for how to accomplish this task?
  • Tim Schoeller
    Thank you David,

    Excatly what I was looking for. I was able to resume backups using this method. Worked as expected. One note worth mentioning was that the drive letter changed. I ended up mapping the 2nd drive to a folder on the C drive in order to ensure the path remained the same.
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