• Sander
    Hi all,
    We are looking for new remote support software (14 users).
    I sign-up for the trial and I can login at https://console.msp360.com
    I downloaden the software and gave it to my employees but it keeps saying "No Computers" in the computers section.
    What am i doing wrong?

    Second question: in the MSP360
    - Connections / Sessions: unlimited
    - Endpoints / Devices: unlimited
    Does it mean We (all 14 employees) can use the software and can login at 2 or 3 desktops at once (per user) for $350 per year, or is the price per user/employee?

    With kind regeards,
  • David Gugick
    Your employees need to have a special build created for them. Here's a video that explains, but I'll go through the process for you here as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=nupwq6cvDZY

    The main installer you see in Downloads at the top section is only for you, the admin - and for any other admins that need to connect remotely to other computers in the office. Install this build on those PCs.

    Next, go to Organization - Companies and create a single company for your business. If you're using this internally, you'll only need to do this once. Click Add Company. Then go to Downloads and click the Remote Computers Installation button. Here, you'll set the duration you want access to the remote computers - you can select a term as long as a year. Select the company you just created from the list. Set the options for Proxy, Incoming Connections, limitations on what you want your end user to be able to do, lastly, select the Security options for PIN Length, whether you want PINs to rotate on a schedule for better security, and whether you want to be able to do Unattended Access to these remote PCs. On that last part, you'll need to enter a password.

    Lastly, click the Generate Installation Script option and you'll be presented with a link to download the remote computer installer with the options you just selected built in. You can install this build on the remote PCs. As an alternative, you can use the script in the second text entry to apply settings using the regular installer you downloaded and installed on your own PC. Using the /S option causes a silent install if that's how you want the remote agent installed.

    Once installed, you'll see those remote computers listed.

    The reason the product is designed this way is because we sell a lot to Managed Service providers with many customers who need individualized security settings and expiration options. If you select 1 Year for expiration, you'll only need to reapply the remote agents once a year - or as we release new versions. Settings are not saved anywhere, so if you use a password, then you'll need to securely store it somewhere. You can also redo settings if, for example, one of your admins left the company and you wanted to be sure they could not longer remotely connect.

    If you're using Managed Backup, Remote Desktop is integrated into that management console in the Remote Management section, so the console.msp360.com web site is not needed. But I did not get the sense you are Managed Backup customer.

    Regarding your other questions:

    Each person / admin who requires remote access needs a license. Each license allows unlimited remote connections. So, if you had two admins that need remote access to any of the 14 computers, then you need two licenses at $35 / Month / Admin * 2 = $70. There is discounting, so the total cost will be less. Annual contracts also have a 20% discount on top of the normal discounting.
  • Steve Wasiura
    Hi David,
    Can you explain some questions about the current free edition?
    1. is support thru this forum still available for users of the free edition?
    else {} LOL
    2. I seem to need to enter the ssl key on each attempt to connect. Is this a "feature" of the free edition?
    3. the keys appears to begin with the same letters, and also end with the same letters, but after I did a compare of 2 keys, I see they are indeed unique. So for a while these "similar looking" keys were driving me crazy, thinking I had the correct key, based on the beginning and ending letters, but indeed I was trying the wrong key. thanks for the log file. lol
    4. can you consider changing the information phrase that is displayed on initial connection
    from "[username] is already working on Remote computer"
    to "[username] has an open session on Remote computer."
    5. can you clarify what happens when the "controller user" connects using Windows logon credentials? 5.1. Does the user with the active session get logged off, or just locked?
    5.2. Do they see any notification messages on screen?
    5.3 When the "controller user" uses the Windows login screen on the remote computer, does the user session at the remote computer see the remote controller user logging in, or is it treated as a separate session, and the user at the remote computer doesn't see anything?
    6. What determines the 5 endpoint limit of the free edition? is it the number of entries in the address book (I currently have 6 entries), or is it watching for a limit of 5 connections at the same time, or some other metric? I just don't want to be surprised at the worst time by a notification that I can't make a connection due to exceeding some limit, etc.
    thank you
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