• Andrew Rush

    I'm trying to add an account to the Administrator's section, but when I put in the account email address, it says email is "busy."

    I recently associated this account with our company under Users. Previous to this, the company wasn't designated for the user (unlike the other users who are currently admins).

    How can I make this account into an Admin account? Is there an upper limit to the number of Admins that might cause this?
  • David Gugick
    Are you saying you are trying to add the same account to both Users and Administrators and the management console is barking at that with the "Busy" message? I've never tried that, but I will now.

    Having said that, can you explain what the user case is that you're working from that you want the same email in both places? Generally speaking, a User account is an authentication account for a specific customer and administrators are Techs at the MSP (or possibly an IT user at a customer).

  • David Gugick
    So I tried it and it is clearly not supported. The message is a little confusing, and I'll have to ask the team to update. Still hoping for a use case explanation. Thanks.
  • Andrew Rush
    Hello David,

    Thanks for responding. So, Administrators do not also have to be in the Users section? The account in question is in the Users section, but has a dark grey icon. The other Users (whom are also currently Administrators) are green in the User section. Since the other Users were able to also be Administrators, I wasn't sure why this particular account couldn't be also... This account can sign into the MSP website, but fails to sign in successfully on the Online Backup client when pre-testing to upload to the cloud for online backup. The current Admin accounts sign in successfully during the pre-test.
  • David Gugick
    users are only authentication accounts and don't have to be real people or if actual name is assigned to them. I'm authentication user ID is sufficient. They are assigned to a customer and used to authenticate the agents at that customer in the system so they can be managed properly at the MSP. Administrators are only users that need access to the management console.
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