• kurre
    I am running out of space on NAS and have changed some of the machines retention schedule from 6 months to 2 weeks....

    The backups are image and state based ones...Is Cloudberry smart enough to deleteeverything greater than 2 weeks from the existing backups?

    I assume that this is what the retention schedule means?

  • Julia
    Yes, CloudBerry Backup is smart enough but make sure you have scheduled full backup to have your retention policy take effect - learn more at https://www.msp360.com/resources/blog/block-level-backup/
  • kurre

    Can you answer another? the Storage Accounts on the 'Welcome' tab. Does that indicate exactly how much space the backups that machine has taken?
    If that is the case I should be able to look at all the storage accounts on the machines that are being backed up and calculate exactly how much storage in total is being used

  • Julia
    Right, the Welcome page shows a used space by backups on that particular machine.
    Note: The storage account is defined by storage credentials and a machine name (see Advanced settings on the account dialog). If you use the same prefix on another machine, the Welcome page will show a total used space for both.
  • kurre

    I am not sure that is what is happening...

    1. I have deleted a storage account after attempting to delete the individual 'block levels' and Full Items. After selecting all items Cloudberry would confirm if I was sure I wanted to delete selected items then it would delete a 'random number' maybe 1 or 4. Seems there might be a bug here. Anyway, I deleted the Storage Account and it made no change to the NAS storage. i.e. I dont think it deleted any files at all from the NAS.

    2. I have made changes listed above to the backup plans and re-run those backup plans but the storage account still shows files from a long time ago...when does it actually delete the files from the NAS? Do I need to 'Force a Full backup' for this to work?

    Is this something Cloudberry does on a 'delay' or background job? either way, I was expecting the files to have disappeared after changing the retention policy and running the plan
  • Julia
    As the next step I would recommend to send diagnostic log so that we can check the details. Please go to the Tools | Diagnostic log and use “Send to Support” button there. Add a short description and an url of this forum post to keep the reference. The support ticket will be created automatically.
    Please let me know the ticket number here. Thanks!

    If there is a recent full backup and the previous one (full) is older than the retention period, the out of date backups are expected to be deleted immediately without a delay (if you don’t use a special “delay” option on the Retention step - I guess you don’t)
  • Julia
    Btw, as for your #1 notice - I can confirm that there is a known issue with multi-delete image backups from the Backup Storage tab that we are going to address in one of future releases.

    However, the main goal for your case is to make retention policy work as expected, so please go ahead with the logs as suggested.

  • Matt
    Just an update in case anyone else is encountering the same issue:
    Apparently that data was deleted manually and placed into a Recycle Bin by NAS, so those files were removed from being displayed in the software but still occupied HDD space.
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