• malimar
    Since version 6, the menu for "Sync Folders" is missing. I think it was replaced with the Compare Contents. The issue we are having with the "auto" syncing is it's not properly modifying the permissions on the objects on S3 bucket. We didn't have this issue when we were manually syncing the folders using the Sync Folders menu. How can we bring back the Sync Folders or manually sync or modify the "Compare Contents" sync function? We need our files to be public read and it's removing it on each auto-sync.
  • Julian Ladbury
    I had to revert to an earlier version. The Syncs Folders feature was one of the most useful ones in the product.

    Will it be reintroduced?
  • Gennadii
    The version still had the "Sync Now" button on the command bar of the Compare Folder window, despite of the command Sync Folders disappeared from the Main TOOLBAR of the CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 PRO. In the Version - the only version suggested today - you can again and again click on the button "Compare", you can even choose the direction of Synchronization, but you have no means to execute Sync itself. You cannot even just Move or Copy any file in this window due to lack of appropriate buttons on the Tool Bar of Comparison window. So, you can not SYNC at all.
    There is no Guide or Tutorial that would explain the meaning of buttons for each window of the GUI application. Some PDF files from HELP pages of CloudBerry are just aborted after the very first window without any attempt to explain essential modes. It is very frustrating. Browsing gigabytes of Internet and loosing a lot of time I located the version on the SOFTONIC site.
  • David Gugick
    Unfortunately, Compare and Sync folders in Explorer are legacy functions and provided "as is", with no support. That change was made a few years ago. If I find a way to resolve your issue, I'll post it here.
  • Don Gordon
    Really disappointing, I bought a license thinking it was a non trial function, Why leave the broken UI in, leading people to think there is something extra you have to do, to start the actual sync process?
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