• Dragonpoo
    CloudBerry Remote Desktop v2.7.0.30. I have screen flicker from 2 different remote computers. The flicker is only on the "Control Remote Computer" screen. All devices are up to date. The flicker is not show/viewed on the screen of the respective computers...

    Thanks for any input
  • David Gugick
    Are you saying you have screen flicker when you connect to a remote system. Can you elaborate on the flicker - is the screen going back and then back to normal? Does it persist the entire connection? Is there only one monitor on each remote system or is there more than one? What happens if you change the image quality from the Options menu during a connection to High Color or Optimize for Speed? Any difference?
  • Dragonpoo
    Good Morning David
    Yes; screen flicker is on the computer I use to access other computers via "Remote Desktop" in our network.
    2 of the 3 computers are affected.
    The screen just flickers...no dark periods....the flicker is very fast, and very distracting.
    The flicker persists the entire length of the remote session.
    Only 1 monitor per computer
    The default is set to High Color, changing to lower color resolution does not correct the error. I have this morning, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. There is no correction to the flicker problem.
    Thanks for your help
  • David Gugick
    If you can send the Diagnostic Logs to Support from both computers, the team can have a look. I see you are using the Managed Remote Desktop product. Can you verify that you have the current version installed on your computer - From the management console, go to Downloads, click Remote Desktop, and download the latest installation package from the top of the screen for you computer - the one you are using to connect to the remote systems. It sounds like you have (the latest) installed, but I just want to make sure that version is installed at both ends. If you're not sure what version is used on the remote side, then you can see this from Remote Management.

    If, however, you posted in the wrong section and you are using the free, stand-alone Remote Desktop, just check the version when you run each binary to verify the version.

    If you're all current, then Support is what you need for a further investigation.
  • Dragonpoo
    Hi David
    Latest version is installed on all computers.
    Thanks for the reply...will work on the problem in a few days. Have a busy work schedule until Sunday.
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