• QiQQ

    Lets say there is a customer with a small budget, and he don't have the money to buy a nas beside the server. So a Hyper-V back-up will be setup in hybrid mode, to a USB drive. All will go wel for a year and than the USB drive get corrupted.

    1. Will the back-up to the cloud continue, when the USB drive is corrupt?
    2. When replacing the drive, what are the steps to take? Just force a new full back-up, and data will be updated from that moment on the USB drive, or is there a way to synchronize this.
    3. I think when I have a full back-up in the cloud, with 800GB data and 200 GB blocklevel. When I need to do a new full back-up it gets to be in the cloud 800 GB + 200 GB, + the new full lets say 900 GB. So 1900 GB is needed as cloud storage?

    If point 3 is right, do I always need the double of back-up data because I think you need at least 2 full back-ups? Because I don't think it's smart to have only one full back-up and replace it by the next full. Or am I totally wrong now?

  • Julia
    Please find the answers below:
    1. The hybrid backup is designed to run local backup at first then to cloud. If your local storage device (USB drive in your example) is corrupted or unavailable, the hybrid won't run a cloud backup.
    2. The drive replacing scenario will work - the only thing you should do before continuing your hybrid backup is to change your existing File Storage account that linked to the USB drive to a new one and specify the same backup prefix for it (see "Advanced settings"). Once it is done, your previous local backups will be synced and you can continue with the hybrid backup. You can find the main idea of replacing & sync here.
    3. Your calculations are correct. It sounds reasonable to have at least 2 full backups.

    Please let us know if you have any comments/questions.
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