• QiQQ

    At the moment i'm testing with some back-ups, to save me a lot of costs I'm doing a lot of testing to the network share. Of course I also do tests to the cloud, but for some big amount of data tests I do it locally at the moment.

    • When I want to move over to Hybrid, do I need to create a total new job or is it possible to use the existing data for the hybrid. By selecting the existing back-up location
    • Also the same question about moving from hybrid to single back-up
    • Hybrid back-ups are storing to the first account first and after it uploads data to the cloud. What happens when my hybrid drive fails. Does it need to download all cloud data first to the new hybrid location? So can back-ups go on directly to the cloud or will they fail and wait for a new hybrid drive
    • Is it possible when complete server and hybrid are stolen, burning of or what else to restore directly from the cloud or do I also need to first restore the hybrid location?
    • Or is it better to setup two separated back-ups, with different schedules?
  • Matt

    1) You would need to create a separate plan for that.

    2) The same rules apply here.

    3) If your local drive fails you won't be able to run that backup, so the only option is to make sure everything is in a consistent state and both destinations are reachable.

    4)You can safely restore that data from the cloud, since the point of hybrid backups is to have data both on-site and off-site.

    5) You would need that only in case you want a specific schedule for your backups according to your company's regulations. Otherwise you can use hybrid plan as it is if it suits your needs.
  • Andrey

    We are working on improving hybrid mode for future releases (I expect this in 2-3 month), it will be possible to enable hybrid mode in plan, this will upload only required files locally and required to the cloud, currently new hybrid plan reuploads everything to local storage at first and then uploads to cloud.

    You can restore directly from cloud, no need to use hybrid location.

    The main idea of hybrid backup - reduce loading of your production servers, disks are accessed only once and reading is quick (assuming local backups are performed with better bandwidth).
  • QiQQ
    Lets say a customer only have a USB drive as a hybrid drive, and the drive needs to be replaced.

    When I replace the USB drive, is it possible to restore cloud storage files to the USB drive and resume hybrid backup again. Without doing a new full upload again?
  • Matt

    Yes, you can do that, but after transferring the data from cloud to local destination you would need to rename all of the "%3A"(those are colons for your disk drives) to "$" characters. After that just synchronize the repository for local account via tools > options > repository and you'll be able to see that data on the backup storage tab.
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