• Sam Nottage
    Two questions:

    1) Will changing the User Account of a computer also migrate the backups of that computer or will it be necessary to start the backups from scratch (and delete the existing backups)?

    2) In lieu of changing the User Account of the computer, is it possible to change the account which the Agent has access to.

    I'm using a combination of local and cloud (Amazon S3) storage accounts. The local accounts I could probably deal with by manually moving the files but I have no such ability with the cloud storage.

    The reason I ask is that the Agent seems to provide more control over storage accounts than the web console. I would like to have that level of control without having to use a computer specifically attached to a particular account. Does this make sense?
  • David Gugick
    I am checking with the team to understand all implication to existing backups when changing a user account. I will reply when I hear backup. Thanks.
  • David Gugick
    You can change the user account more easily from the management console - gear icon - edit user account. Once the user account is changed the existing backups will no longer be accessible on that endpoint. They'll remain in backup storage but they cannot be accessed from a different user account. You will have to go through all existing backup and restore plans and assign a storage account after the user account is changed. You will then have to run a fresh full backup on each plan.
  • Sam Nottage
    Thanks David. I had a hunch that would be the case. I'm glad I didn't experiment with it.

    Regarding my second question though, is there a way to log into the Agent under a different user account?
  • David Gugick
    For what purpose other than changing the user account? What are you looking to do? Are you asking because you want to be able to restore the backups from the old user account? If so, there is no way to do that explicitly without changing the user account.
  • Sam Nottage
    Only because the Agent provides a more granular look at the status of backup storage for each of the machines on the user account.

    It's not that big of a deal, just a matter of convenience. Thanks for your help.
  • Alexander Negrash
    , can you share what exactly you're looking at when checking backup storage on the agent? We have a beta version of the Backup Storage tab in the management console and I'd like to understand what your requirements are.

    I can actually enable the beta for your account if you'd like to check it out and give us your feedback. Let me know.

  • Sam Nottage


    I've uploaded a screenshot. In the left panel I am able to view the status for for each backup run (and set) for each of the computers under the account. I can see "orphaned" backups which may have not been purged for some reason.

    In the right panel I can see the on disk size of each backup set. Helpful stuff.

    If the beta has something similar to what the Agent presents I'd like to have a look.
    Capture (80K)
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